Deniece Senter Ministries Ministry in Pakistan 

I need you! In order to fulfill this calling, we have to be in a covenant relationship, and we must work together. You can make a difference today and help us reach the Dinah(s) of the world (taken from Gen. 34th Chapter; hurting, abandoned and abused women). 


As a partner, you are recognized as an integral part of Deniece Senter Ministries family. “You not only make a world of difference,” but you also enable us to fulfill the Great Commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, restoring broken hearts and saving souls. Please help us give clothing, food, school supplies and shelter to orpanages in Pakistan. Thank you in advance. You may give by texting 815-587-0859, or you pay click on link to give and partner with us. Click here to partner with us.

    Pakistani No Child Left Without Hope Campaign  

No Child Left Without Hope is the missions arm of Deniece Senter Ministries. Together with our partners and Deniece Senter Ministries is bringing hope to people all over the world by fulfilling God’s calling: caring for the poor and needy, feeding the hungry, ministering to the captives, all in the name of Jesus Christ. Our mandate is to reach every Dinah...if we can help her early, we can keep her from abuse, neglect and let her know she is chosen and not forgotten. Please help us reach her today.