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Prophetess Deniece E. Senter - Brown is married to Captian Carvin Brown, she is the founder of Dinah International Ministries. Prophetess Deniece E. Senter - Brown, is a Desert Storm Veteran, and attended Luther Bible College. She is SenterChord Publishing's Best-Selling Author and an International Speaker. The Lord has commanded her to “Go and get His Dinah's-" hurting, abused and forgotten women (Gen. 34th Chapter).   

Prophetess Deniece E. Senter - Brown is a native of Chicago, Illinois and often testifies about her difficult childhood. Deniece was sexually, physically and emotionally abused and she was abandoned by her mother at the age of 5. Deniece helped raise her two brothers and sister. She has survived a terrible car accident. Deniece has endured many trials and tribulations, which has made her strong and equipped for the Ministry. Realizing that, God has worked all of her trials, tribulations, rejections, hurts and pains out for her good. Deniece stands tall and bold, ready, armed, dressed and prepared to stand on nations proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Prophetess Deniece E. Senter - Brown is the host of Deniece Senter Ministries TV and radio talk show “Chosen For Another View” on various network stations. She hosts the "Chosen Not Forgotten Conference" yearly throughout the world. She is also the Founder and President of Deniece Senter Ministries-India and Deniece Senter Ministries-Pakistan. Deniece travels worldwide delivering powerful messages from the Lord.

Her favorite scripture is Romans 8:37-39, “Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors, through Him who loved us, for I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


Deniece would be honored to have you as a partner of Deniece Senter Ministries. She has a strong deliverance ministry, and speaks to the hearts of God's people. God has called her to stand on nations and snatch out souls for Christ. Signs and wonders follow this anointed woman of God. God has given her the gift of prophecy, revelation, exhortation and healing. Through her ministry many souls have been delivered, set free, healed, renewed and encouraged. One word sums up Deniece, Encourager.


You may visit us here online at our worldwide website.

Phone: 815-290-9848


Deniece Senter Ministries reaches the Dinah(s) of this world taken from the 34th Chapter of Genesis. Dinah's name means "Judgment." The powerful anointing on Dinah's life saves cities and restores nations. Dinah was the daughter of Jacob.  She was raped, battered, scandalized, abused and called out of her name. She was the only sister of 12 brothers who loved her dearly, and who would do whatever it took to fight for her. She was the great granddaughter of Abraham, and has inherited his blessings. After preaching this story for my first sermon, the Lord then commanded me to go and get His "Dinah(s)"-women who feel forgotten and abused. I was commanded to bring them to safety. D - Delivered; I - Inspired; N - Nobel; A - Accountable and H - Holy. Dinah, you are chosen, not forgotten.     


God has a message to all of those who feel like Dinah, and to all of those who are dealing with issues of anger and forgiveness. That message is that there is nothing too hard for God. God wants to heal and deliver you today.


Deniece worships at Abundant Grace Fellowship, Pastor Dwayne Hunt, 1574 Shelby Dr. Memphis, TN 38116

Sunday 10 AM & Wednesday 7 PM

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