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Deniece Senter Ministries reaches the Dinah(s) of this world taken from the 34th Chapter of Genesis. Dinah's name means "Judgment." The powerful anointing on Dinah's life saves cities and restores nations. Dinah was the daughter of Jacob.  She was raped, battered, scandalized, abused and called out of her name. She was the only sister of 12 brothers who loved her dearly, and who would do whatever it took to fight for her. She was the great granddaughter of Abraham, and has inherited his blessings. After preaching this story for my first sermon, December 30, 2001, the Lord then commanded me to go and get His "Dinah(s)"-women who feel forgotten and abused. I was commanded to bring them to safety. D - Delivered; I - Inspired; N - Noble; A - Accountable and H - Holy. Dinah, you are chosen, not forgotten.     


God has a message to all of those who feel like Dinah, and to all of those who are dealing with issues of anger and forgiveness. That message is that there is nothing too hard for God. God wants to heal and deliver you today.


To every person who feels forgotten, lost, abandoned, abused and rejected, this ministry is for you. Before you leave, please leave us your contact information so that we can pray and connect with you.

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