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I would love to mentor you and help advance your ministry to the next level. If you would like my help, please purchase my book “Write the Vision and Make it Plain” by clicking HERE. Write the Vision will help you organize your ministry and give you the blue print of everything you need to start your business from A to Z. After reading my book, please send me a list of questions you need me to help answer, and through the leading of the Holy Spirit I will answer your questions to the best of my knowledge.


Before leaving this page, please fill out the short form below and briefly leave me a short description about what your ministry is about. After reading your ministry’s description I will pray over you and your ministry. It is my prayer that the Lord would richly bless whatever your hands find to do for the kingdom. Remember, you were born for this and I’m here to help you reach your destiny.


Deniece E. Senter - Brown

Think global but act local. 

Write the Vision by Deniece Senter is for dreamers and ministry leaders. Order your copy today!

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Just shoot me a text to 31996 and message only the words "not forgotten" and you will receive text messages from my phone to yours.

Need more help? Call my 24 hour prayer line 815-661-2985 and my staff will be near by to touch and agree with you for your special needs. 

Check you local listing to see where you can view Deniece Senter Ministries Chosen For Another View's program. 

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Everyday receive prayer and an encouraging word from me. 

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