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Don't Be Afraid of New Beginnings

In October 2014, I came to Memphis on the Mega Bus with my then 19 year old son, two suitcases of clothes, $289.00 in my pocket, and shattered dreams. I prayed daily for the Lord's guidance and that He would restore everything lost and heal my broken spirit. Through my journey the Lord's Hand, provision, and protection was clearly visible. It was as if every morning He pushed me out of the bed and out of my depression into a daily walk, while carrying me in the palms of His Hands. When He felt that I was strong enough to walk He put me down and walked along side me, nurturing every stumble and clearing road blocks that were ahead. Not only did He restore my spirit with the truth about how much HE loved me, but He showed me that there were more for me than against me. I could feel my broken spirit healing as the angels in heaven rejoiced over every victory lap I made. My new beginnings was a shared bedroom with my son in my sister's home, to a 5 bedroom, 4 bath, 3 fire places, 3 car garage, 4400 square feet home, brand new car, and a 6 figure income. God didn't stop there he restored my ministry Deniece Senter Ministries Reaches the Dinah(s) of the World and enlarged it though radio, and international boarders. And guess what He didn't stop there either, he blessed me with a love I never thought I'd ever experience Carvin Brown. So, this long post is for those who are afraid of new beginnings. Just like God did it for me, He will do it for you to. This is my I trust you Lord face. Won't HE DO IT. #TrustHim
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